Which Classes should I take? Are they all the same?

All the beginning classes teach the same fundamental dance techniques. Each class covers different patterns, so you can take several classes each week, and learn new things. It does not matter which day of the week, or where the class location is - you'll always learn what you need to know! Many people take multiple classes each week to reinforce the learning process. Intermediate classes teach different material/patterns each class. So, if you signed up for intermediate classes on one day, and then also signed up on another day, you would learn different material. Many people do this as well. Register for classes on our Main Page!

Why Learn with SalsaCrazy?

SalsaCrazy is headed by Evan Margolin who is assisted by many of the best female dancers in the Bay Area. Some of these dancers include Kristiaan Lewis, Rita Hargrave (SalsaRoots.Com), Alise Halbert (The Metronome), Moira Denike, LeiLei Shih, Nadine (Seattle), Mirari Jacobson, and other guest instructors. SalsaCrazy instruction is absolutely top rate. We encourage you to talk with prior students! In addition, DanceSF utilizes some of the best instructors in Salsa, such as Tianne Frias, Alison Hurwitz, Juan Gil, Tomaj Trenda, Brian Purville, and others. Absolutely top rate dance instruction.

SalsaCrazy is truly committed to teaching people how to dance salsa. This isn't just a job, it's more of a passion. We are extremely detailed, very articulate, and filled with endless energy and enthusiasm to get you started! We are highly qualified teachers who have taught dance for years in a variety of schools, classes, and nightclubs. We know what to teach, how to teach it, and who needs what. We're very patient!

Give it a try - it will be worth it!

Class Description and Schedule

The classes all start with footwork, and basic dance moves geared towards club-style salsa dancing. The goal is to get everyone comfortable with basic dance fundamentals and then apply them to salsa dance. Beginner classes are fun and fast, but not too fast - filled with patience, repetition, and practice. Beginner classes are suitable for people who have never salsa danced, never danced at all, as well as people wanting to strengthen their fundamentals. If time allows, we invite students to extra practice time after class.

Intermediate classes have a few requirements, namely that people are comfortable with the basic steps and know the open breaks, cross body leads, and basic turns. Each week we will be reviewing the basic salsa steps, and adding patterns. Each class and session is different and has different patterns. The basic schedule (subject to change) is contained below.

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Class Information

Make a commitment to improve yourself and the quality of your life. Every month they'll be two different sets of group classes, offered by SalsaCrazy's Evan Margolin. Each class, one+ hour in length, is for beginners (and those seeking to review and perfect their dance basics).

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- Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
- No partner necessary - come alone or with friends
- We switch partners often - No one is left out!

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Current Classes

Where: Refer to our homepage for the latest class info

Cost: $60 per four week session (meets once a week). Drop-ins are always accepted at $15-$20 per class

Questions? Online Support: SalsaCrazySupport.com

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